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Registration Fee

Because our organization is non-profit, all registration fees contribute to the conference itself:

  • Early-Bird Delegate: 85 CAD

  • Regular Delegate: 100 CAD

  • Head Delegate, Chaperone: 15 CAD

We accept two primary payment methods:

  • Paypal Invoice Request

  • Cheque (check Contact us! for address)


Registration Timeline

Mark your dates! UBCMUN’s registration and payment period are as follows:

  1. Early-bird Registration: September 1 - October 15

  2. Early-bird Payment: September 1 - October 30

  3. Regular Registration: October 16 - December 15

  4. Regular Payment: October 16 - December 15


Registration Process

Further questions? Email our  Deputy SG of Delegate Affairs, Candice Chan .

Further questions? Email our Deputy SG of Delegate Affairs, Candice Chan.

UBCMUN 2020 Refund & No-Show Policy

The UBCMUN executive team values each delegation’s attendance and understands that external circumstances do emerge with our delegations and delegates. Therefore, by any reasons should a delegation remove one or more paid registered seats for our conference, please email DSG Delegate Affairs, Candice Chan for refund request and note our refund policy below:

  • Full refund: 7 business days after payment was made

  • 50% refund: after 7 business days to December 20, 2019 

  • No refund: after December 20, 2019

  • Refund will be made via the same way it was paid

  • No-Show Policy: Regardless of which refund category the delegation falls under, delegations must notify our DSG Delegate Affairs before Jan.3, 2020 regarding which country assignment will the delegation fail to represent. This is designed for the UBCMUN executive team to allocate a country assignment to another delegation in need. If a delegation fails to notify, the seats will be considered as a no-show. In this situation, the UBCMUN executive team has the right to relocate the delegation’s delegates to another committee that requires that country to be present to accomodate committee discussion, majority, committee size…etc.